Around The World

Though the meteoric rise of eDiscovery is essentially a US phenomenon, how countries around the world are dealing with the issues presented by rapidly developing technology is about as fascinating as you can get. Conversations about cross-border data transfer end up becoming a boiling mix of history, culture, law, technology, language, human rights…the list continues. In this section, we are going to do more than just sightsee, we are going to foster a global dialogue characterized by shared interests, mutual respect, and reciprocal curiosity. We will speak with legal authorities from around the globe, travel through different legal frameworks, bear witness to new laws, take a few field trips, and try to answer the riddle of complying with oft-conflicting legal obligations.

Introducing ESI Survival Guide

ESI Survival Guide is an online resource to help legal professionals survive in the electronic wilderness. The intersection between law and technology seemingly creates the perfect professional odd-couple – technologists are not necessarily known for their legal expertise,… More »