Jeopardy has its “Potpourri” category, the NY Post has its “Weird But True” section, Ripley’s had his…his…ummm…well he did have something believe it or not, but we have our ePourri. This section will focus on all sorts of topics that refuse to be pigeonholed. We will talk about pop culture, various “public interest” topics, artificial intelligence, who would win between Dexter and Walter White, the Splinternet, bioencryption, what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, why Ben Affleck is a terrible choice for the new Batman, gadgetry, and all sorts of other unruly content. We will do our best to make it relevant to this blog, but we’d rather not make any promises.

Introducing ESI Survival Guide

ESI Survival Guide is an online resource to help legal professionals survive in the electronic wilderness. The intersection between law and technology seemingly creates the perfect professional odd-couple – technologists are not necessarily known for their legal expertise,… More »