The eDiscovery Trenches

You like lofty eDiscovery ideas as much as the next person, you enjoy a good journal article, you debate what “process defensibility” means, you like to think you can define “reasonableness, you even enjoy dreaming about the possibilities of push-button discovery – but you live and toil in the trenches. You have your sleeves rolled up, you’re up to your elbows in data (if not in over your head), and you need something practical. You need tips and strategies to get work done, not a bunch of “well it depends.” Here we will present practical tips on how to approach various aspects of the eDiscovery process. Now don’t forget our disclaimer, that still applies, but in this section we will jump into the trenches with you, roll up our sleeves, and get our hands dirty, if not dirtier than they already are.

Introducing ESI Survival Guide

ESI Survival Guide is an online resource to help legal professionals survive in the electronic wilderness. The intersection between law and technology seemingly creates the perfect professional odd-couple – technologists are not necessarily known for their legal expertise,… More »