Tools of the Trade

In the Tools of the Trade we will jump head first into the technologies that are available to help legal professionals address Information Age challenges. People often focus on the complexities of this age of email and “big data; however, they often overlook the fact that there are many technologies available to help us tame the ferocious data beast. Technological problems require technological solutions. We will demo and review different technologies designed to address information governance, early data assessment, preservation, collection, processing, review, production, presentation, and practice management; we will discuss administrative, technological, and physical security safeguards and certifications; we will talk about Privacy by Design; we will explore advanced analytics, technology assisted review, and machine learning technologies in depth; we’ll present some cool apps; and we’ll check out how you can get the most out of the “lifestyle” technologies that are quickly becoming extensions of ourselves, e.g., smart phones, social media, webmail, apps, etc.

Introducing ESI Survival Guide

ESI Survival Guide is an online resource to help legal professionals survive in the electronic wilderness. The intersection between law and technology seemingly creates the perfect professional odd-couple – technologists are not necessarily known for their legal expertise,… More »