NOYB Builds Software Capable of Filing Thousands of GDPR Complaints to Stop “Cookie Banner Terror”

Last week NOYB issued more that 500 complaints under the GDPR to companies engaging in their self-described reign of “cookie banner terror”!

NYOB developed some ingenious software that automates the complaint process, which could lead to thousands of such auto-complaints.  However, NYOB is offering companies a chance to resolve the issue as they identify it, which is pretty cordial if you ask me.

A company found in violation by their software first gets an informal complaint with an opportunity to change banner settings to come into compliance (with instructions on how to do it!). If they don’t play ball, a formal complaint is issued and the wacky hijinks ensue!

Their process from auto find – to draft complaint/warning – to opportunity to cure – to formal complaint, is illustrated in the figure below, which you can find on the NYOB site HERE.    

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You can find NOYB’s full PSA addressing cookie banners here: YOU HATE COOKIE BANNERS TOO?  
Written by Matthew Knouff

Matthew F. Knouff, Esq., CIPP/US, CEDS, RCSP, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Legility LLC Matthew has been navigating the ESI and data law wilderness for over fifteen years as an attorney, consultant and academic. He currently serves as a Sr. Solutions Consultant with Legility LLC., an award-winning global provider of eDiscovery and data management services and technology. He is an expert in eDiscovery law and process, global data privacy and the movement of data across borders. In addition to contributing to and holding leadership positions with several organizations dedicated to supporting the legal profession, he has developed numerous CLE programs and assessment tools, and frequently speaks and writes on various topics related to the intersection of data, law and technology. He holds the CIPP/US, CEDS and RCSP certifications, is an avid distance runner, an active board member with Education Through Music, a Tarheel through and through, a life-long musician and an obsessive autodidact. Matthew lives with his son in New York City.

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