Farewell to Robert Childress, the eDiscovery events organiser who knew everybody

I would like to repost Chris Dale’s tribute to Robert Childress, which contains links to other heartfelt comments about Robert and his massive contributions to eDiscovery.  Though Robert and I ran in many of the same circles in NY and DC; unfortunately, we just never had a chance to meet in depth.  For many years, I often found myself at conflicting events, and diverted my attention from the U.S./UK conference circuit as I began to travel in support of international clients more frequently.  Despite that, Robert was someone that was a known quantity in my professional life since I began in the eDiscovery space in 2008, I admired him – he was one of the “bubble celebrities” to me.  He was a driving force behind The Master’s Conference, Women in eDiscovery and the NYC B-Discovery parties (one of these parties was my very first introduction to the eDiscovery industry on the very first night I started at CDS).  I am indebted to Robert and his legacy, as are all of us are in this space.  My heart goes out to his family and friends, and I know his legacy will live on as a foundational pillar of not only what the eDiscovery industry is today, but also what it will be in the future.  Continue reading

Written by Chris Dale

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