10 Ways Zapproved Says You Have to Spend to Save

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I try to read provider marketing papers when they are not hidden behind the contact collection wall, especially when they promise lists of cost saving tips. In this case, the list of ten tips seems to boil down to in-sourcing your ediscovery and buy Zapproved’s products. The overall principals behind the ‘tips’ are sound if rather obvious. Unfortunately, my PDF copy was missing all the hyperlinks to check the numerous citations. However, the RAND paper cost calculation is from 2012 and I remember criticizing their methodology when it was first published. The surveys and FedEx citation are from 2018. The eDiscovery market pricing, technologies and consumption models change fast. Faster than marketing writers apparently. I am calling this paper out as a great example of ‘polished marketing fluff and murky best practices’. Not surprised that the eDiscovery rumor mill says that Zapproved is looking for a buyer. Unsubstantiated rumors are not worth much, but in this age of eDiscovery consolidation the rule is grow fast, make acquisitions, be acquired or fade away.

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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