Cracks in Relativity’s Market Dominance?

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Reveal-Brainspace continues to make traction with eDiscovery service providers. Onboarding 25 new partners in a single quarter speaks volumes and requires a mature partnership engine. UnitedLex was a Relativity Best in Service partner as recently as 2016. In fact, they are still a Relativity Certified Partner. With large discovery matters lasting 2-4 years, most clients prefer to let them age off a platform rather than migrate them. UnitedLex’s key phrase “its enterprise licensing model” caught my attention. That told me they wanted a Relativity alternative that provided “frictionless automation” and an “ease of engagement” for their corporate managed service customers. I would hope that Relativity will use some of that rumored $3 billion investment to accelerate their corporate solution development. Otherwise they may find channel partners looking to Reveal and other platforms with more flexible purchase models and ‘built for corporate legal’ functionality. Relativity has dominated the large matter review market. I believe that A.I. and machine learning will kill that ‘large team review’ approach over time. It looks like Reveal-Brainspace are betting on that as well.

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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