Hardware and AI Partnership Translated

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This one took me a while and two websites to figure out exactly what was being sold. I highly encourage tech marketing execs pitching to a legal audience to re-examine their messaging to GET TO THE POINT. I understood that this was a partnership announcement between an AI company and a legal tech company. It took a while to figure out that George Jon apparently sells virtual/physical server ‘kits’ along with performance optimization services. I may still have missed something, but at least I now think that I understand that customers can add a Veritone aiWARE operating system to these kits for translation, transcription, etc. functionality. Putting an eDiscovery label on a server does not make it do collections or review. I do appreciate that eDiscovery can put unexpected stresses on infrastructure. As eDiscovery becomes a standardized business practice I anticipate we will see a lot more IG system integrators pitching it.

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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