How Do Your Rates Measure Up?

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I am encouraging peers to take Rob’s survey. We all need better data and insight. As someone who has written a lot of these kinds of annual surveys, I always struggle between wanting to keep the questions identical to show trends and wanting to adapt them to the current purchasing realities. In this case, there are several questions that are starting to age out of relevancy. I rarely if ever see the $/doc review rate pitched any more. And I was the first person to pitch it back in 1992 for old school paper to Summation contract review. It was my first legal tech startup, quaintly named Paradocs.  Similarly, I am not seeing separate $/GB analytic pricing for TAR. We either buy it for the matter or not these days. Take the survey. Shoot me a note if you want to talk pricing trends. I always get more from talking shop with peers than the metrics anyway.

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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