How to Read a Rebranding

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Normally I do not cover the cascade of rebrandings that force me to research RFP responses and briefing requests. However, I recently called a peer’s prospective new brand an ‘ugly baby’ because customers would not be able to understand their core product/service from their name. While I feel a bit guilty about raining on his clever verbal parade, it made me think hard about the wave of name changes that has followed the trend of service provider consolidation. We all want to deliver more than simple eDiscovery hosting to our customers. EDDCloud made sense for a small boutique service provider who focused on hosting. I would have preferred something a bit more descriptive, but I read the rebranding to PLUSnxt as an announcement that they do or intend to cover MORE of the EDRM. PLUSnxt only shows 4 employees on LinkedIN, but I do believe that the new service provider models will favor global giants and nimble boutiques. The ‘white glove’ service that CEO Tony Ramsey mentions is the key to providing value that differentiates the boutiques from the behemoths. So good luck to the PLUS team and I will keep my eyes out for more Jack’s willing to climb the corporate beanstalk.

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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