Label Trade Secrets to Protect Them

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The matter and article highlight the increased risk that corporate trade secrets and confidential data may be disclosed by the largely remote corporate workforce. I appreciate the well-structured guidance and concrete action steps proposed. The authors recommendation to perform an IP audit is a good starting point. However, I would add the need for automated categorization solutions that flag and highlight files and communications that contain potentially confidential IP. Forcing users to endure online training or lectures on trade secrets typically have a low success rate without proactive classification and rules. In the past, my clients have had to bring in expensive enterprise solutions or manually create email/firewall/EDP rules to keep IP inside the corporate envelope. These approaches had to focus on known high risk departments/users/sources. Today we have a lot more options. The new M365 Records Management module provides many more hooks for customers and partners to automatically classify and act on important data.

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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