Relativity Acquires Partner Innovations, Again

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Relativity has long had a strategy of partner driven innovation wherein they acquire successful integrated products that are converted to module or features. Just look at Relativity Legal Hold, Collect, etc. for prior examples. I call your attention to how their announcement broadens Relativity’s corporate value proposition from simple eDiscovery to include compliance, data requests, investigations and other information governance usage scenarios. This signals to me that they have shifted their customer focus to emphasize direct corporate sales. Despite their protests at briefings and channel partner RFest sessions, we have all known that Relativity Server’s lifetime was limited. Last November’s FedRAMP authorization/RelativityOne Government announcement provided a high security option for highly regulated customers. Recent channel partner announcement have featured RelativityOne implementations over Server models. The writing was on the wall and I hope that Relativity’s older channel partners have been working to adapt their own sales models. The days of wrapping their PM and tech time hours into a high $/GB hosting price are ending. It is time for customers to understand and quantify the services and expertise from their eDiscovery providers.

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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