Zoom Boom: Great Name for the Explosion of Meeting ESI Content

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Amongst the rest of Wendell’s 2022 eDiscovery trends is the Pandemic WFH driven explosion of online meeting content. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Zoom has grown from 10M to 300M daily users and Teams from 20M to 250M+ monthly users. My best recovering-analyst interpretation of this growth and Zoom’s recent slump is that Zoom’s usability gave them the edge in the B2C market while Team’s rapidly expanding business integrations and features have caught up in the enterprise marketspace. In 2020 I was getting Zoom video meeting invitations from providers, clients and peers eager to connect during the quarantine months. Now I am almost exclusively holding Teams meetings with business contacts. Online video meetings are the new normal and the ESI that they generate is our latest eDiscovery challenge. Have you tried to preserve or find actual Teams meeting transcripts lately?

Written by Greg Buckles

Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

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