Maribel Rivera – The Life & Times of an eDiscovery Marketing Maven – Part 2

Maribel Rivera is a shining example of how an individual can persevere through extreme hardship and, against all odds, achieve greatness.  In Part 2 of our extended interview with Maribel, Founder of Maribel Rivera Marketing & Event Services and Senior Director of Community Relations with ACEDS, she opens up about her difficult childhood, how she emerged as an empowered survivor, and her advice to others going through similar situations.

As we continue our very candid journey with Maribel, we talk about how to champion yourself, the power of persistence, 3am garage band sessions, raising and protecting strong children, the cathartic nature of openness, the benefits of listening, formal education vs. experience, factors that compound inequality of opportunity, the necessity of business development skills, the many factors that block access to higher education, Kim Kardashian and the “Baby Bar,” the importance of soft skills, the SIMILARITY factors, the many paths to and through the legal technology and eDiscovery industries, and the broad resources and opportunities offered by ACEDS.

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00:00 – The Path of a Survivor – Turning a Difficult Past into an Empowered Future

06:48 – Transformative Support – A Single Mother Going Beyond

08:11 – How can you support a young person experiencing abuse, adversity and pain?

10:04 – Children as a Catalyst for a Parent’s Openness

11:06 – Hiring Bias and Education – College Degrees vs. Real-World Experience vs. Soft Skills

16:30 – Do Companies “Invest” Enough in their Employees?

17:04 – How to Drive Equality of Opportunity through Personal Branding in the Legal Industry

23:07 – The Rivera-Knouff SIMILARITY Soft Skills

24:47 – Driving Career Success through ACEDS – Broad Certification Resources & Opportunities

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This is Part 2 with Maribel Rivera.  Join us for Part 3 where we continue our discussion with Maribel about the socioeconomic factors that impact equality of opportunity, the success or failure of DEI efforts in the legal profession, what we can do to be change agents in our communities, and the importance of measuring progress when it comes to positive change.

And as always…please, stay safe out there in the electronic wilderness!

Written by Matthew Knouff

Matthew F. Knouff, Esq., CIPP/US, CEDS, RCSP, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Legility LLC Matthew has been navigating the ESI and data law wilderness for over fifteen years as an attorney, consultant and academic. He currently serves as a Sr. Solutions Consultant with Legility LLC., an award-winning global provider of eDiscovery and data management services and technology. He is an expert in eDiscovery law and process, global data privacy and the movement of data across borders. In addition to contributing to and holding leadership positions with several organizations dedicated to supporting the legal profession, he has developed numerous CLE programs and assessment tools, and frequently speaks and writes on various topics related to the intersection of data, law and technology. He holds the CIPP/US, CEDS and RCSP certifications, is an avid distance runner, an active board member with Education Through Music, a Tarheel through and through, a life-long musician and an obsessive autodidact. Matthew lives with his son in New York City.

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