Survival Tips with Kelly Twigger of ESI Attorneys – eDiscovery Assistant: A Game Changing Resource!

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Matt from ESI Survival Guide and eDiscovery expert Kelly Twigger discuss one of the BEST resources out there for any legal professional – bench, bar, academia, support, IT – anyone: eDiscovery Assistant eDiscovery Assistant is a tool that curates from all of the domestic U.S. decisions, including federal courts, federal district courts and state courts.

There are five core areas of content on eDiscovery Assistant:

  1. Case law
  2. Discovery rules
  3. Checklists
  4. Forms
  5. A glossary of terms

 What really makes this tool unique is that is contains a tagging structure for various issues. Currently, there are approximately 80 eDiscovery issues within the database. eDiscovery Assistant is also developing a learning center that will enhance the user experience with videos aimed at various eDiscovery topics.

eDiscovery Assistant also gives users a dynamic dashboard that presents users with various pieces of information that are constantly updated, including the:

  • – number of cases added in the past 7 days,
  • – total number of cases in the database, and
  • – the top three issues from the past 7 days.

You can run searches by issue tag across the entire database, search through the recently added opinions, explore the interactive case map that shows federal and state opinions across jurisdictions, and when you do run a search, you can refine your results using numerous filters including issue tags, date filters, keyword searches, district court searches within the circuit courts, and you can even hone in on a specific judge whose opinions you are researching.

SURVIVAL TIP #1 – GO CHECK OUT eDISCOVERY ASSISTANT. Anyone can sign up for a free 30-day trial, and there are free accounts offered to law students.

Go visit eDiscovery Assistant at to get started.

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Stay safe out there in the electronic wilderness!

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Written by Matthew Knouff

Matthew F. Knouff, Esq., CIPP/US, CEDS, RCSP, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Legility LLC Matthew has been navigating the ESI and data law wilderness for over fifteen years as an attorney, consultant and academic. He currently serves as a Sr. Solutions Consultant with Legility LLC., an award-winning global provider of eDiscovery and data management services and technology. He is an expert in eDiscovery law and process, global data privacy and the movement of data across borders. In addition to contributing to and holding leadership positions with several organizations dedicated to supporting the legal profession, he has developed numerous CLE programs and assessment tools, and frequently speaks and writes on various topics related to the intersection of data, law and technology. He holds the CIPP/US, CEDS and RCSP certifications, is an avid distance runner, an active board member with Education Through Music, a Tarheel through and through, a life-long musician and an obsessive autodidact. Matthew lives with his son in New York City.

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